Time Has Come To Develop Software Products Of Our Own: IT Secretary

These days, India is showing tremendous enthusiasm in the IT sector. Software and Mobile App Development Services are revolutionizing the Indian market and dramatically improving ROI. In a recent report, a top official on Tuesday said that India should develop software products of its own. He further said that the software can be used not just in the country, but in the global markets as well. Ajay Prakash Sawhney, Electronics and IT Secretary, said that India has huge capabilities in developing software for the various industries like healthcare, logistics, education, agriculture, etc.

“While we have been extremely strong in IT services, the area of software products is one where we are dependent on products coming from all parts of the world. We are happy and confident users of products from wherever they come. It’s time to change that. It is time to have a software product of our own– not just for India, but for the global market,” Sawhney said at a FICCI virtual conference.

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“We have strength in IT and IT services. Almost all the technology companies across the globe have significant presence in India. The contribution that is made to global products and services by Indian designers and engineers is immense and it is growing significantly. We are trying to move towards software products,” Sawhney said.

Further, he said that the Covid-19 pandemic has made everyone realise that there is a need for huge software products from India. To promote the Indian IT sector, the government has started giving cash prizes to entrepreneurs and startups who develop software. Moreover, the government’s online citizen engagement platform has received 6,940 entries under the contest in several categories that include 1,142 under business, 1,155 under social networking, 1,062 under e-learning, 901 under health & wellness, 326 under games, 237 under news, 662 under office and work-from-home, and 320 under the entertainment category.


“We are now scrutinising all the applications and we have found that there is huge potential to develop software products in India,” MyGov CEO Abhishek Singh said.

Sawhney said mobile assembling in India has grown over 10 fold in the last six years and there is now huge scope in the development of electronic segments in the country.

“We see tremendous opportunity in medical devices, automotive electronics, defence electronics, consumer electronics, industrial electronics, drones, and robotics. I think we have tremendous potential in all these areas. We have tremendous potential today. There is room to grow very quickly in all these segments,” he said.


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